The Alpha and Omega of Creation Series - Presented by: Samuel Ronci
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Truth only comes from God and before the world can come to an end, as we know it, the truth must be revealed. How will this be done? The Lord will accomplish this by using his prophets, the same way He used the prophets in the Old Testament.
This work presents the teachings that were given, by the Lord, to the prophets of our time that are located throughout the world. When these teachings are brought together, they present a clear picture of the events that will lead us to the return of Jesus in Glory and the end of a period of salvation.
Jesus is speaking: “All the strands of this Mission are being drawn together to form a pattern. Then, when the various parts are linked and fitted together, like the pieces of a jigsaw, when all the pieces begin to merge, the final picture will become clear.” 
Ref: MDM message Jan 24, 2014
The ‘final picture’ has been assembled and presented in the seven volumes of the Alpha and Omega of Creation Series

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Reveals the wonders of creation, the test of Angels, The Journey of the Soul, Adam and Eve, The Descendants of Adam, Death enters the world
Major update 2/13/19  - Major update
The messianic Cycle Begins,  the Church of Christ, Satan attacks the Church of Christ, and the Prophecies of the Blessed Mother 
Major update 2/15/19  - Major update
Warnings and Prophecies,  Earth's Time, Knowledge,the Great Tribulation, the Mark of the Beast, the Reign of the Antichrist, the Fall of Babylon, and the New Earth and the 1,000 years  
Major  update 2/14/19  - Major update
Jesus himself will teach you about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to prepare yourself to receive these gifts, how to prepare for spiritual combat and the time of the new evangelization that the world has never seen.
Last update 11/21/17                          
The Lord provides us with a deeper understanding about the Soul and its final journey home. What will the Soul experience when it passes through the door of death into eternal life. This Volume also contains the witness of Gloria Polo who experienced death after being struck by a lightning bolt.
Last update 4/21/18                              
God himself will address misguided teachings and errors that create barriers which keeps us from accepting the truth that is being sent by God. Error has to be eliminated from truth otherwise people cannot find a correct concept of God, whose essence is of such perfection that everything which testifies of Him also has to be perfect.
Last update 5/13/17                          
God requires many laborers in the time before the end – Instructions for a teaching ministry are by God Himself – Certain sign of the end is the small flock of fighters for God – Special mission: fighting for truth – God’s language through the elements of nature – The servants’ mission on earth after the natural disaster – Battle of Faith                                        
Last update 11/21/17   

Special Edition: Volume  4 - The Pathway to the Holy Spirit and Volume 7 - The Lord's end time Vineyard Workers have been combined into one book  for ease of use.                  (361 Pages)   
Last update 12/13/17   

God the Father describes, in great detail, the passion of his son, Jesus Christ - "People single-mindlessly adhere to My Word that I have delivered mankind from sin by My crucifixion. But they do not comprehend the essence of the Word; they do not comprehend the significance of the act of Salvation. Consequently they do not understand what the human being has to do himself in order to join the flock of those who have been delivered from their guilt of sin by My blood.through the Prophets" - Ref: Maria Valtorta, Bertha Dudde, and Conchiglia - Movimentto D'amore San Juan Giego         

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